"...Gold has struck a perfect balance between cohesion of the whole and specific character for each piece. The arrangements are full of surprises and finds. I am in shock. I am overwhelmed."
monsieur delire

"...the dynamic of the music has a downright symphonic character and ranges from transparent chamber-music, through to forceful experimental rock passages. Gold celebrates enigmatically spun lyrics in the most tender lyrical soprano and then pitches with a women's choir of archaic threnodial and hunting songs, pants and joikts, whispers and screams and turns her songs into soundtracks for the cinema in your head, that leads you to magical places..."
Beatrix Gillman, BR Klassik

"..the compositions erode to shamanic bitter-sweet distillate of unworldly jazz and chalk corroded art rock attitudes. Thereby Pegelia coats a bubbling mash of mostly chamber music with the psyche of a born weltschmerz poet and emulsifies this intuitively with a subtly nuanced masala, that is able to create acoustically the growing grass and gnarly giant trees, on mossy forest floors for the sensitised listener…"

"…Gold is a heart-touching romantic from the same cast as Patty Smith. Her crystal-clear, feather light soprano voice is animated with a sharp, dangerous, unbound intensity and floats weightlessly even through the history of jazz…"
Nürnberger News